VEInnovate has sought to disrupt current model of education...


Unconventional Learning

We deliver learning in innovative ways using technology & disruptive learning models like storytelling. Our programs focus on language enhancement through storytelling mode

Employability programs

Disruptive approach towards student’s professional development program. E2P is specifically designed for undergraduate and Graduate students with objective to bridge gap between skill set desired by the corporate and the skill set of a graduate

Technology Consulting

Technology solutions with culture of Business aligned technology towards digital transformation. Our DX Services empowers enterprises to meet the needs of today’s digital customer in a cost-effective way

Value Proposition

Storytelling for kids ( 3 – 6 years)

Creativity is best at it’s peak during childhood. A kid wanted to experiment everything in the world in his own way. Blending child’s curiosity & creativity to make them learn language is basic objective of this program.

Language enhancement for kids ( 7 – 12 years)

Children are natural language learner. They learn their native language with apparent ease. As learners of a foreign language, children have their own psychological characteristics like ways of thinking, their attitude, their aptitude, etc. This should, of course, influence the way they are taught

Young Leaders Storytelling

Many children in the public school setting exhibit syntactic and morphological difficulties that affect their abilities to use correct word order, word endings, regular and irregular verbs, and verb tenses. Storytelling helps sharpening phonological processing skills and heightening phonemic awareness by listening to stories and playing with words through rhyme, segmentation, and blending in an interactive context.


Even when we grow up, there is a child in everyone heart. Any conversation done in a story form touches the inner child have a greater impact & keep them moved & inspired. Specialized programs created for

– Teachers

– Business leaders

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Who we are

VEInnovate is created with a vision of transforming companies in to sharper, smarter & transformed version of themselves. We thrive to find innovate ways to transform business & deliver maximum value to end customers.

What we do

We help people hone and polish their communication skills through an unconventional mode of storytelling. Story is primal. It is the most basic way of human thinking and interacting, so it pays off in any communication to tap into story. The way to engage people and let them decide or choose by hooking the head and the heart—and story is the best way to do it. you’re taking an enormous idea, feeling, or situation and distilling it down to its essence. You’re constantly choosing the best word, the best detail, the best metaphor, and making choices constantly and sifting, sifting, sifting for the essence. The most sophisticated thinking involves distillation and clarity.