C2C Program

C2C is specifically designed for undergraduate and Graduate students . The program is designed to bridge gap between skill set desired by the corporate and the skill set of a graduate. Every Student has different skills & abilities , we make sure that we hone the best in them & provide support at different levels.

Along with good technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers often outline a set of skills that they want from an employee. These skills are what the employers believe will equip the employee to carry out their role to the best of their ability. Employability depends on your knowledge, skills and attitudes, how you use those assets, and how you present them to employers.

The E2P training helps the students to connect with the industry even before they step into it.The two major benefits of these curriculum is that the students are well prepared to enter the job market and become better team players and secondly it saves the companies from incurring huge pre-employment trainings ,thus making it a win-win situation for both.

Program will not only will make them sellable in the market but will also make them aware of the real life scenarios and problem solving tactics at an industrial Level.

Our learning methodology – Our main emphasis is on practice and we have incorporated different components in our overall training program.

  • Trainer led
  • Audio/video presentations
  • learning activities which are usually trainee led
  • practice exercises
  • role plays and group discussions
  • Workshops on body language
  • case studies

The Program modules are designed specifically in a flexible manner so that the students can get maximum benefit. The modules are

  • Soft skills
  • Behavioural development
  • Personality enhancement
  • Interview cracking tips
  • Reasoning
  • Technical Programming training
  • Project assistance
  • Industry training