Training solutions developed by VEInnovate are based on the theory of VAK Model(Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic) that defines different learning styles of individuals. According to VAK, most people possess one or more below styles: –

When students are asked to learn in a way that makes them uncomfortable, they experience stress. In a classroom where a student’s learning style is never included, that student is constantly operating under stress, and learning is likely to be seriously affected.

VEInnovate learning solutions removes stress out of learning & utilized storytelling as a vehicle to make it a fun exercise.

Workshop design, mode of execution & theme is aligned & created as per the learning capability of the audience & hence our programs are categorized for different age groups. Each workshop is designed with a combination of age group specific activities that engage maximum learning faculties.

Storytelling for kids ( 3 – 6 years)

Storytelling is a great skill to teach to kids. It helps to improve their language skills, instils a love of reading and stirs their imagination. This is one of the best way to teach children about good morals & right conducts.

With the right kind of stories & associated activities this program instils some of the below mentioned attributes in children: –

  • Creative thinking
  • Collaboration
  • self-discipline
  • Sharing & community living

Language enhancement for kids ( 7 – 12 years)

The program is created for language enhancement in kids but in a bit unconventional approach for mixing storytelling along with activities like puppetry, drawing & crafting , role play. Children will spend time in a fun way & in the process will learn & enhancement their language.

Key take way from this program are: –

  • Personal, social, moral, cultural and spiritual development alongside academic excellence
  • Critical speech and language skills

Young Leaders Storytelling ( 13 – 20 years )

Teen is the time when there is lot of social pressure is felt by individual & it is the crucial span of life as lot of physiological changes happened in identity. It is also crucial as it is launchpad for young person carrier decisions. Young Storyteller program aims at making teens into young dynamic leaders with abilities such as: –

  • Great Confidence
  • Orator skills
  • Presentation & effective Listening

Teacher as Storyteller

We often give stories to our students to read, but how often do we tell them a story?

VEInnovate program – Teacher as Storyteller is intended to move teacher out of traditional education model & learn new teaching techniques. Some of the expected outcome from the program are:-

  • Understanding what storytelling can offer.
  • Storytelling and intercultural understanding
  •  Benefits of using storytelling in the classroom

Use Storytelling to engage students , elicit their creative minds.

Business Storytelling

Stories for Business walks you through the science of storytelling, revealing the secrets behind great storytellers and showing you how to master the art of storytelling in business. Stories hold a unique place in our psyche, and the right story at the right time can be a game-changer in business; whether tragedy, triumph, tension or transition, a good story can captivate the listener and help you achieve your goals.

This workshop makes leaders enabled with new skills. Participants will learn:-

  • Learn why storytelling grabs attention and helps your message get through
  • Infuse your stories with the personal to highlight your vision and values
  • Craft a selection of stories to pull out at pivotal business moment
  • Influence without relying on authority.